Butterfly Tagging at Pottstown Farm

Beautiful and Educational.

At Pottstown Farm (our amazing Farmer’s Market) on September 3rd, local butterfly naturalist Ron Richael led an event discussing Monarch butterflies and their travel paths. He led the participants in how they tag the butterflies and then released them for everyone to see.

Monarch tagging is a way for researchers to follow the migration patterns of monarch butterflies to see what paths they take and help try to keep track of numbers. “Tagging” a monarch involves catching the butterfly in a net, carefully handling it following specific instructions, placing a small identification sticker on the wing and then releasing the butterfly back into the wild. A spreadsheet is used to keep track of information like location and date.

There are still a couple more upcoming Pottstown Farm dates so check out their website for what they have coming up. The Farm has a great selection of local produce, treats to eat, coffee, and all the other things you want in an awesome local farmer’s market.