Police Trading Card Program

Partnering with the The Pottstown Police Department, Mayor Henrick launched the Police Trading Card Program.

This program is a very interactive and positive community initiative in which the youth of the Borough and their families get to know more about the officers and staff within their police department. Police officers carry a compliment of their respective cards to distribute to the youth they meet in the neighborhoods and throughout the Borough.

Students who collect the full set of cards will receive prizes and have their names placed in separate raffles.

Love Your Block

In partnership with Pottstown Community Action (PCA), Mayor Stephanie created a program called Love Your Block.

The Love Your Block program will provide mini-grants to resident volunteers in an effort to further help them take ownership of their neighborhoods. The focus of LYB will be on neighborhood beautification. This can include:

  • Block clean-ups,
  • Activation of vacant lots,
  • And a focus on problem properties.

Problem properties can include ones that are in a state of disrepair, with a preference for external improvements.

Pollinator Challenge

In conjunction with Mosiac Community Land Trust and other organizations, the Pollinator Challenge is about taking steps to protect, enhance, or restore pollinator habitat.

To combat population decline, this initiative focuses attention on the loss of habitat for bees and other pollinators around the world. 

Increasing the number of pollinator-friendly gardens and landscapes will help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across the country.

Communities, organizations and individuals are invited to take action by pledging to help the pollinator populations grow.

Climate Action Committee

In conjunction with numerous other organizations, I have been part of the creation of a Climate Action Committee.

We are creating a detailed and strategic framework for measuring, planning, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related climatic impacts in the area.

I am dedicated to exploring and implementing new ways for sustainable solutions in Pottstown Borough.