Dedication, Leadership, & Community Service

I’m proud to be part of a group of Millenial community leaders helping revitalize Southeast Pennsylvania towns and boroughs. With a focus on community service and business development, I am working towards creating a Pottstown where everyone’s voice is heard and communication flows between the Borough and its citizens.


With a focus on increasing community engagement and communication, I have created programs and initiatives that bridge connections.


Programs and projects focused on opening lines of communication, finding better solutions to problems, and pushing Pottstown into the future.


I want to hear from Pottstown citizens about what’s going on and the issues that they are facing. I will try to do what I can within my capabilities

Proud to be (and serving) from Pottstown.

Pottstown is seeing a revitalization like never before in its history. It’s becoming a place where people want to hang out on a weekend night, live and send their kids to school, and volunteer their time and talent. Pottstown is about diversity, inclusion, and resilience. And I am proud to be part of it.


Started Love Your Block program and got organizations to help support it

Restarted Cop Card Program

Helped bring the raising of chickens back into the Borough

Championed and approved sign to commemorate Pottstown Firebirds

Still the Mayor and still want to be the Mayor.

Mayor Stephanie is a steadfast advocate of Pottstown’s revitalization goals.

Marie Haigh, Community Leader, Pottstown, PA

News & Reports

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