Pottstown Hosts Two Car Shows!

Why have one car show when you can have two back-to-back?

On Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th, Pottstown hosted two amazing car shows. High Street was packed for two straight days with thousands and thousands of people checking out the cars, making new friends, and supporting Pottstown businesses. Every restaurant was packed, outdoor beer gardens were full of happy people, and the town was thrumming with excitement.

On Saturday, Red Horse Motor Club hosted their monthly Pottstown Nights Car Show which happens on the first Saturday night from May to October. Always an amazing car show, people from all over the US travel to Pottstown to check out favorite cars, meet friends, and share their love of all things cars.

On Sunday, the L’oe Show, a VW and Audi Enthusiast Car Show that, last year, was in the Coventry Mall, took over Pottstown, filling the streets with amazing cars and some of the retail spaces with pop-up stores. The pop-up stores looked amazing, filling vacant retail spaces with cool-looking shops for the weekend. VW even unveiled a new limited edition car at the show (not shown below).

How’s that for Pottstown?